About Me

I was born with a love for people and have always cared deeply about what was below the surface. I knew that my career path would include coming alongside people in some way. I attended San Jose State University and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. Due to the heaviness that counseling can bring, I opted out of pursuing a Master’s Degree and went into a career in Public Relations. Fast forward 20+ years when I discovered Coaching through a conversation with a dear friend and knew immediately that this was what I had wanted to do all along. I quit my comfortable job of 7+ years and jumped in to a rigorous 10 -month program at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in May of 2017. I received my CPCC (Certified Professional Co - Active Coach) in June of 2018. I now have over 150+ hours of paid coaching and have enjoyed every moment of cultivating relationships and witnessing powerful transformations in the clients that I work with. 

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client that creates forward movement on a personal and professional level simultaneously. Each and every one of us has saboteur voices that that tell us that we're not measuring up or that we could be doing more. This saboteur wants to keep us comfortable, resists change and prevents us from taking courageous steps in our own lives. Through coaching, those saboteur voices diminish in size and unleash the possibilities within each of us. The end result is renewed confidence and clearer sense of self that will give us the tools to live at our best each day.

My Mission

My mission is to meet you right where you are and work together toward goals designed especially for you and by you. Our partnership will be full of learning, realizations and a-ha moments that create forward motion. 


A good coach can change a GAME; a great coach can change a LIFE
— John Wooden
...I trusted my instinct and my wellness to Kelly and was NOT disappointed... I trust in Kelly and believe in the work she has done to help me through some of my greatest everyday challenges”
— Courtney H.